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BODY Classes

focused on physical development with the integration of mind and breath


Private Yoga Sessions (Virtual)-
1-to-1 and group 

Whether you would like to work 1-on-1 or with a group of friends, we will collaborate to tailor the sessions to your preferences and progress.


Whether you aspire to be more flexible and pain-free or deepen your yoga practice with pranayama and meditation—the choice is yours. 

In-Person Group Yoga Classes

 Coming Soon!


Sunrise Yoga @ The Botanic Gardens

Coming Soon!

Working one-on-one with Anuj has been incredibly significant to my recovery. As someone with chronic pain and stress, yoga has made a huge difference in my life— especially doing private sessions that can be tailored to my specific injuries and restrictions.

Anuj is a knowledgable and extremely attentive instructor, and stays flexible throughout the class so we can make the most of each session no matter how I'm feeling that day. 

Private Yoga Client

Elana E. 

Toronto, Canada

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